Where Australia is Moving Towards with Home Design Trends


A large number of Australian homeowners opt for Melbourne bespoke home design due to the flexibility and personalisation it allows. Indeed, a custom-designed house can be one of your best investments, a personal project that you can enjoy and value for many years.

In order to build the best home you can have, experts advise to study award winning house designs Australia offers, such as those from Latitude 37, a quality custom design and build company in Victoria.

Where Australia is headed with home design trends? Based on current winners of the country’s House Awards and tips from top designers, the common elements are:


As more Australians become more aware and particular about how they use energy, sustainable homes will be considered as common sense and the norm in a few years. Solar passive design, landscaping, and thermal mass will play a bigger role.

For instance, more homeowners will include deciduous trees in their Melbourne bespoke home design for outdoor spaces. These provide extra shade during summer and allow more sunlight to enter and heat up interiors when the leaves fall as temperatures drop.

According to ArchitectureAU.com, the 2017 House Awards winners were chosen based on features like ”minimal intervention for the maximum outcome” and “deceptive simplicity”.

There will also be more effort to further develop technology so homes can transform into off the grid units.


As more research is being done on harmful chemicals and toxins in household products, the desire to rid homes of these harmful substances is becoming more widespread. As a result, the demand for organic and natural building materials, furniture, décor, and such is increasing. It is not surprising that the best house builders Melbourne has been using more nature-inspired design elements.

There is also more interest in how products are made and where they come from. Handmade and locally sourced items are gaining more attention and will be seen in more homes in the next years. Visit Latitude 37 for more details.


The ability to control air conditioning and heating, lighting, water sprinklers, and even doors and windows was introduced several years ago. As technology further develops, smart homes are expected to become even smarter.

Melbourne bespoke home design of the future will include automation systems that will immediately adapt to what they sense in their surroundings. For example, lawn sprinklers that detect rain in the day’s weather forecast will automatically turn off to save water.

Another example is when your smart home assistant adjusts the AC when it senses there are fewer people in the room. This allows your air conditioner to use less energy.

These developments will make homes even more efficient, automatic, and simpler.


Australian houses continue to be models for sustainable, modern, trendy, and award-winning concepts for more effortless, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly living. Australian designers also continue to shine and be innovators and inspirations to everyone in the industry. So, if you want the best bespoke home design, work only with the best home builders Victoria and other Australian states offer. For more details, visit at http://www.l37.com.au/

Top 6 Essentials of an Independent Student


Where can I simply get an affordable student accommodation Brisbane UQ has today? What kind of overseas student accommodation Australia has that’s the most useful for college students?

student accommodation brisbane uq

You possibly have those types of concerns while you are preparing yourself to transfer to Brisbane.

While at the same time it’s extremely important, trying to find an affordable student accommodation Brisbane UQ has now must only be one of your top priorities. There are additional fundamental factors you should look into or put together, like:

Laptop Repair Service

A device has turned into a necessity nowadays, and so it is just practical to look for device maintenance and repair shops. You merely can’t reside in an accommodation where there’s no device maintenance and repair company at close quarters! At Adelaide Street, say, there are numerous gizmo fixing centres similar to Jack’s Phone and Fix My Mobile Brisbane.

Your Routine Laundry

Does the rental owner supply free of charge laundry washing options? Regardless of whether your lease payment involves the water fee, you should nevertheless look into hunting for neighbouring laundry outlets. If your accommodation provider’s utility rooms undertake routine maintenance, at least you’d quickly recognize where exactly to dispose and clean your grimy clothes.

Wi-Fi Services

Most college student accommodations provide college student complimentary Wi-Fi for their residents. Yet, as a university student, you will have to specifically make certain that the lodging contractor’s connection is undoubtedly not wacky.

If you have the opportunity, you can talk to the present occupants relating to the accommodation supplier’s internet connection’s quality. Despite the fact that it is an affordable student accommodation Brisbane UQ has currently, you ought to guarantee you’re not going to experience recurring internet connection speed difficulties.

Your Everyday Belongings and the Uninteresting Belongings

Needless to say, you would not overlook to prepare your regular things—your toiletries, make-up, utensils, and a lot more. However, there are also “mundane” things or aspects you need to gather or order (if you favor purchasing when you arrive there).

Any college student has to additionally think of bringing along or purchasing:

  • Microwavable platters, cups, and containers
  • Extension wires
  • Crisis gears (should you get ill or wounded).
  • Umbrellas (with an “S”, because you will certainly never realize when you’ll lose yours).
  • A safe for valuable documentations like passports, CVs, your driver’s permit, and so forth.
  • Sets for power blackouts (candles, torches, additional batteries, and the like).

Regional landline of Brisbane

If this is your very first time transferring to an international student accommodation, you must know the crucial hotlines. Three zeroes (000) is the regional disaster response landline, which involves fire-fighting, law enforcement, and medicinal solutions.

Budget-friendly Bistros in Brisbane

As a freshman, you’re still most likely getting to know simple ways to prepare a decent meal. But who are we kidding? In some cases, you’re just too sluggish to put together your meal and after that clean the bowls.

The good news is that there are a few cheapo eats spread around Brisbane. Above all, hunt for bistros that you can access within a walking distance only.

If you like Sushi (or any Oriental types of food), you can effortlessly go to Sushi Edo of Elizabeth St. If you’re working from Adelaide, you can purchase your Sushi rolls off LR Sushi.

For bagel fans, The Bagel Boys of Adelaide St. has plenty to supply, including but not limited to their Gluten-free and Vegetarian bagels.


Living with no one else around could be tough—nevertheless, if you keep being open-minded and always keep being knowledgeable, you’ll carry on inevitably.

If you are trying to find a UQ student accommodation, head over to https://studentone.com/uq/

How to Plan New Flooring and Old Floor Tile Removal in Perth


Some very stunning facts about hard flooring, and the associated risks with unplanned floor remodeling have been uncovered by the 12 May’ 2016 Domain News article. Here are facts that every home owner must know, especially when one is planning on a home renovation. You plan so many things during a house renovation, and the wall paints and floor tiles all may ask a revamp. It is better to talk to an expert who offers services of floor tile removal in Perth than to expose your family, little ones and aged to the harmful and toxic floor tile dust, arising out of unplanned breakage.

The danger of unplanned floor removal

Floor removal is actually something that has to be planned very methodically. That is why you must talk to the best in the industry about it. There are professionals who deal in floor tile removal in Perth and have the exact idea on how to complete the task without spreading any toxic dust.

How unplanned floor breaking spreads the toxins

There are lots of dangers of unplanned floor removal. If you are planning to remove your old tile floor, and replace it with new vinyl or tile floor, or may be a stone floor, or some eco flooring also, then you need to plan for the same. The first step is to remove the old tile floor. Here you may have a notion that just asking men to break the old tiles with hammering, etc. and throwing away the stripped tiles will do the job. But it’s not that simple. You will not only get an uneven floor finish which will be difficult to manage and polish before new floor construction, but also you get lots of toxic dust spread through the air in and around the house. This may need days to settle down and go away.

How the professional floor removals work

The professional floor removals would use systematic equipment with advanced technology that you would get the following benefits from those:

·        Reduced noise during floor removal, which will help keep calm inside the house, and would also help you get lesser complaints from close neighbors.

·        No toxic floor dust will come out as they break the floor due to the use of advanced suction technique that will eliminate and suck all dust emitted. This will keep the family inside safe, and no health hazards will come from floor breaking.

·        The work will get completed faster

·        Debris of old floor will not be handled by you, and decomposing or throwing them off will be taken care of by the professionals.

·        The finish after the floor removal will be commendable, and the floor base will be completely polished and leveled and ready to take the new floor installation in any form. With some treatment, no danger of dust and toxins will be there.

A good advantage of talking to the professionals which take up works of floor tile removal in Perth is that they will be able to suggest you some good flooring options keeping in mind your weather and environment, home interior and budget.

Tuck Plumbing Fixture’s Plumbing Accessory Review


If you live in Australia, then you’re probably familiar with Tuck’s Plumbing Fixtures. This popular plumbing retail store has a physical store based in Perth, but it also sells plumbing accessories online. Today, we review their store’s lineup, from their bathroom and kitchen fixtures, to their plumbing accessories.

Floor Drainage

When it comes to floor drains, the most popular product from Tuck Plumbing Fixtures is their German-manufactured Tece shower grates. These grates are more utilitarian than stylish, with their simple, waterproof metal grate. These grates are generally popular with commercial clients, and are a popular option for gyms, pools and other similar businesses.

plumbing accessories online


The retail store is known for their large variety when it comes to baths, especially contemporary freestanding ones. Their selection on baths are extremely modern, with edgy styles and unique curvatures. These baths come in the more traditional white, as well as edgy and sleek black.

If your living space does not have enough room for a freestanding bath, Tuck Plumbing Fixtures also has a variety of inset baths which can attach – or in some cases even dig into – your existing walls. Though not as grand in size as the freestanding baths, these inset baths are decorated luxuriously to make up for the smaller size.


Shower heads come in different varieties here. You can either opt for the hand shower, wall shower, or rail shower, depending on your preference and budget. The most popular are the hand showers, for obvious reasons. Instead of being fixed to the wall, these shower heads can be detached from your wall as they are attached to hoses which provide them with water. Hand showers offer more flexibility and coverage compared to other varieties.


Tuck Plumbing Fixtures may have popular bathroom fixtures, but their kitchen lineup is pretty solid as well. In fact, the kitchen sinks they have on sale are also best-sellers. Their under mount sinks are particularly notable for their space saving abilities. While mostly utilitarian, the Oliveri sink lineup stands out for the stunning curvature on their sink edges, adding a little bit of style to an otherwise utilitarian fixture.

Toilets and Bidets

Although toilets and bidets are used to do your dirty business, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in good, durable and stylish fixtures. The store houses several brands of toilets and bidets that not only do their job well, but look presentable and helps you save space. From traditional back-to-wall toilets to mini wall-hung bidets, they have it all right here.

Plumbing Maintenance Supplies

Aside from selling fixtures, Tuck Plumbing Fixtures also sells plumbing accessories online. These accessories include spare parts for your fixtures as well as cleaning aids to help you maintain your fixtures. They sell extra control cartridges, metal hoses and extra faucets should your plumbing fixtures need a quick repair. They also sell sink cleaners and fixture cleaning agents.

If you need more information, you can visit Tuck Plumbing Fixtures at http://www.tuckplumbtec.com.au to see their complete array of plumbing accessories online.

What to Do or Know Before Building Your New Home


A lot of the resources and articles in the market about new home acquisition are focused on buying an existing home. However, building a new home is far more challenging because there are several difficulties that you stand to face. This is why those who are considering building a home from scratch must find a notable builder in Perth such as Redink Homes. The expertise of an experienced builder will help you navigate the process of designing the layout and building the home go smoothly.

Whether you are set on building your own home or still contemplating on the idea, you need to know a few things before looking for Perth new home builders:

• Know your builder. This is the single most important part about building your home from scratch. You need to work with a builder that you trust such as Redink Homes. There are plenty of choices for new home builders Perth can offer but the number of years in the industry is not the only factor you should be looking for. Always check the actual work of the builder to assess if they are the right fit for your needs.

• Check the type of community. When new home buyers think about investing in a new property, they often look at the house itself, or their future dream home. But the community where the house is located in is just as important. Before you make that investment to build a house on a specific community, you have to think about your long-term life plans. Will it be suitable for your daily commute to and from work? Is this the kind of neighborhood that you want to raise your future family in? Will it be a safe neighborhood?

• Invest on location and square footage. If you are buying a piece of land to build your future house on, make sure that you focus on the square footage and the location of the land. These are practical considerations that will impact your quality of life in the future. You can always upgrade later but with the budget that you have now, always choose to invest in a piece of land with adequate square footage rather than on the accents for your home.

• Know your floor plan. The floor plan is another important aspect in building a new home. The right floor plan can make even a small floor area look spacious. If possible, consult with a builder or have them plan your layout for you. It is always important to get an insight from the professionals about how to design your home according to your needs. In addition, consider your long-term plans of living within the home when developing a floor plan. For example, if you are designing your home as a newlywed, you should consider building a home that would suit a family of 4 or 5 in the future.

Building a home is a huge step. Hence, finding reliable new home builders Perth WA has like Redink Homes is a good step to ensure that you can transform the layout into a comfortable living space. You can learn more about their services or have an initial consultation on their website at https://www.redinkhomes.com.au.

Business Name: redink homes
Name: redink homes
Address: 16 Frobisher St, Osborne Park WA 6017
Contact Name: Sales
Phone: (08) 9208 1111
Logo URL: https://www.redinkhomes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/redink-logo-new.png
Trading Hours: 8:30am - 5pm
Trading Days: Mon - Fri

World of Warcraft Tomb of Sargeras Raid Coming in June


World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 has been going solid for the past month or , however the unavoidable issue in everybody’s minds is when they’ll ba able to go up against Kil’Jaedan at the Tomb of Sargeras. We’ve at last got a (conditional) answer thanks to a live Q&A with the World of Warcraft group at Blizzard.

“No correct date, yet we’ll likely post the full schedule some time in May,” World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said. “We feel like five months is useful for a major strike like Nighthold, so that is about where it will be. Likely mid-late June.”

In-game items in honor of bloggers – who’s next?


It’s been a while since last time we saw it, however now it shows up as though Blizzard will give a shoutout to a conspicuous group member by naming an item after them.

Frostheim, a writer at WoWinsider, who likewise runs a blog and has a podcast, has clearly dropped his cloak some place, however it will soon be discovered again as the epic drop Recovered shroud of Frostheim.

Why I left my guild?


Despite our struggles to fill our roster, Adrenaline has put up daring goals for Cataclysm – even raising the ambition level a bit compared to earlier. We aimed for the hardmodes and we wanted to come to those and to progress through them fairly quickly. This was announced early in the expansion, and we also were told that our performances would be followed and noted and that players who couldn’t live up to the requirements would be removed, regardless if you were an old-timer or a new recruit. Fair enough.