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Where Australia is Moving Towards with Home Design Trends

A large number of Australian homeowners opt for Melbourne bespoke home design due to the flexibility and personalisation it allows. Indeed, a custom-designed house can be one of your best investments, a personal project that you can enjoy and value for many years.

In order to build the best home you can have, experts advise to study award winning house designs Australia offers, such as those from Latitude 37, a quality custom design and build company in Victoria.

Where Australia is headed with home design trends? Based on current winners of the country’s House Awards and tips from top designers, the common elements are:


As more Australians become more aware and particular about how they use energy, sustainable homes will be considered as common sense and the norm in a few years. Solar passive design, landscaping, and thermal mass will play a bigger role.

For instance, more homeowners will include deciduous trees in their Melbourne bespoke home design for outdoor spaces. These provide extra shade during summer and allow more sunlight to enter and heat up interiors when the leaves fall as temperatures drop.

According to ArchitectureAU.com, the 2017 House Awards winners were chosen based on features like ”minimal intervention for the maximum outcome” and “deceptive simplicity”.

There will also be more effort to further develop technology so homes can transform into off the grid units.


As more research is being done on harmful chemicals and toxins in household products, the desire to rid homes of these harmful substances is becoming more widespread. As a result, the demand for organic and natural building materials, furniture, décor, and such is increasing. It is not surprising that the best house builders Melbourne has been using more nature-inspired design elements.

There is also more interest in how products are made and where they come from. Handmade and locally sourced items are gaining more attention and will be seen in more homes in the next years. Visit Latitude 37 for more details.


The ability to control air conditioning and heating, lighting, water sprinklers, and even doors and windows was introduced several years ago. As technology further develops, smart homes are expected to become even smarter.

Melbourne bespoke home design of the future will include automation systems that will immediately adapt to what they sense in their surroundings. For example, lawn sprinklers that detect rain in the day’s weather forecast will automatically turn off to save water.

Another example is when your smart home assistant adjusts the AC when it senses there are fewer people in the room. This allows your air conditioner to use less energy.

These developments will make homes even more efficient, automatic, and simpler.


Australian houses continue to be models for sustainable, modern, trendy, and award-winning concepts for more effortless, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly living. Australian designers also continue to shine and be innovators and inspirations to everyone in the industry. So, if you want the best bespoke home design, work only with the best home builders Victoria and other Australian states offer. For more details, visit at http://www.l37.com.au/

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