In-game items in honor of bloggers – who’s next?


It’s been a while since last time we saw it, however now it shows up as though Blizzard will give a shoutout to a conspicuous group member by naming an item after them.

Frostheim, a writer at WoWinsider, who likewise runs a blog and has a podcast, has clearly dropped his cloak some place, however it will soon be discovered again as the epic drop Recovered shroud of Frostheim.

This is merited, as well as urging to whatever is left of the blogging group.

It might show up as though Blizzard doesn’t give careful consideration to the work we do, the thoughts and suppositions and the information we impart for nothing to whatever remains of the group, the enthusiasm and exertion we put into it. I’ve bashed them already for the absence of intrigue they’ve shown.

Phaelia and BRK
We’ve seen this kind of gestures a couple of times before. What comes to mind is of course Phaelia at Resto4life, who was honoured with Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed when she closed her shop after getting pregnant.

And a few months later, the most famous and loved hunterblogger through all those years, BRK, got a gun named after him, BRK – 1000, which even smelled faintly of raspberries. (BRK had a thing with those.)

What makes the case of Frostheim different to BRK and Phaelia though is that he hasn’t announced that he’s quitting blogging, at least not as far as I know of. And I think that’s a good thing. It means far more to get this kind of recognition and encouragement when you’re still active in the community and playing the game than to get it as some sort of farewell present, once you’ve decided to move on and leave it behind you.

If you ask me I think Blizzard could be more generous than they are in naming items after people in the community. How many items are there in the game? Thousands and thousands! Not everyone would have to get an epic item. It could be ordinary grey or white items, which actually would last longer than an epic drop that will get outdated and never-to-be-seen as soon as the raiding moves to the next tier of content.

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